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Eagle's Henna

Ram Gopal & Sons Brand 'Eagle's' is one of the pioneer names in the field of Henna-based hair dyes.

We are one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of hair products in India. Ram Gopal & Sons is a Government of India-recognized export house.


Ram Gopal & Sons Brand 'Eagle’s' is sold across India & Internationally, with a presence in more than 52 countries worldwide for 50 years.


They are regularly being exported to Saudi Arabia, Algeria Nepal, UAE, Malaysia, Srilanka, USA, Mauritius, & Indonesia for several years.


EAGLE's Henna hair dyes are Henna-based powder hair dyes that are packed in powder form and are ready to be used with just the addition of water. The advantage of using EAGLE's Henna hair dyes to dye your hair rather than any other 100% chemical-based hair color is that EAGLE's Henna's main ingredient is Natural Henna Powder which accounts for more than 80% of the total contents w/w. This Natural Henna Powder, also known as 'Mehandi' in India, ( Botanical name: Lawsonia Inermis; INCI name: Lawsone ) is very nurturing for hair. Its crop is cultivated in fields, leaves plucked, dried, ground, filtered, and then added to our product. Some of the very common benefits of using Herbal Henna Powder are - 

  • It strengthens hair roots, thus reducing hair fall

  • Protects hair by forming a coating on them

  • Promotes hair growth

  • Cures dandruff and other scalp problems

  • Acts as an excellent hair conditioner

  • It has a cooling effect

  • Prevents thinning of hair

Whereas, other 100% chemical-based hair colors stimulate hair fall and result in more rapid grey hair because of their entirely chemical contents. Thus, Natural Henna Powder being the main ingredient of our products, EAGLE's Henna hair dyes impart brilliant color to your hair every time while making them healthy and lustrous.

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